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Zoopathy also called Animal Communication, Animal Omnilingualism, Animal Communication/Domination, and Animalistic Communicability is the anomalistic ability to communicate


with, and in certain cases command animals, through a variety of methods, including verbally, physically, telepathically , and empathically Sometimes this ability extends to the entire animal kingdom, but other times, the ability may be more specific.

One with this ability sends a telepathic or empathic message to the desired animals and rather than the animal simply understanding human language, the mind of the user empathically translates it into mental signals that animals can understand. This also functions vice versa, so that the zoopathic is also able to understand the animals. This allows communication with any animal and may even allow psionic control over the animal kingdom, including metabolism, behaviors and breeding patterns, or to understand what they are thinking as well.

When the method of communication (or control), it is oftentimes made in short gestures. For example, when commanding an animal, it most likely will not be a complicated task, and once it is complete the animal goes about its business. Physical gestures connect with the animal on a primal level, instead of utilizing telepathic messages. Though it is much more like empathic communication.

Certain cases of the ability of Omnilingualism are capable of encompassing this ability, though these cases are incredibly rare.

Zoopathy Examples[]


Insectopathy is a very specific form of Zoopathy, while it is technically a Zoopathic ability it itself is broken down into further classifications. Examples include; Vespine Insectopathy and Lepidopteropathy.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Markus Gaines naturally possesses this ability.



Markus Gaines[]

Markus can communicate with animals, using his power to gain information from dogs. He is also able to control animals, enraging them with a click of his fingers. This click seems to enable him to control what the animals do, as the dogs and other animals that he summoned attacked three women in the fashion that Markus wanted them to. His ability has been seen to be primarily focused with dogs, however he has been shown to control birds and cats.

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