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Vector Telekinesis, like normal Telekinesis, is the ability for a person to psychically influence tangible matter with the intangible mind. However, instead of simply using psychic force to move and manipulate objects, one with this ability manifests it as a set of invisible appendages of telekinetic energy. These are capable of lifting objects with more strength and maneuvering with much more dexterity than normal Telekinesis, allowing one to do many tasks at once as though one had multiple hands. These tasks can be as tough as lifting a truck to as fine as typing on the computer or juggling.

Vector Telekinesis is the form of telekinesis that allows the user to create bolts of concussive force or shield of telekinetic energy for protection.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Gabriel Gray possesses this ability as an aspect of his duplicated telekinesis.



Gabriel Gray[]