Advancing Evolution Wiki

Due to the fact that there are extremely dangerous "gifted" people, a table was created to classify the Risk Rating for Evolved Humans.

Subjects are classified according to various factors such as

  • Ability (or abilities)
  • Background
  • Personality
  • Knowledge about the world

The following is the explanation of the risk factor that is assigned to an individual.

Rating Description
D Minimum threat, Easy to approach, non-offensive ability.
C Possesses weak abilities, no current threat.
C+ Subject possesses some interesting information along with very weak non-offensive or offensive abilities, no current threat.
B Probable threat. Caution needed around this subject, advanced development in his/her ability, with understanding as to the extent of his/her ability.
B+ Subject has potential to be a threat, may have powerful abilities and knowledge as to how to use them, has important information or connections with political factions.
A Potentially dangerous individual, knows how to control his/her ability, extreme precautions to be utilized regardless of the type of ability, offensive or non-offensive.
A+ Potentially dangerous individual with connections in politics, abilities developed to unknown levels and has control over his/her ability, extreme caution necessary.
S Individuals suspected to have abilities that are extremely powerful, yet without confirmation of type of ability, has common interests with other persons with advanced abilities, has political connections.
S+ Extremely dangerous individual, highly advanced abilities that could alter the world as we know it, extreme caution must be taken. Do not approach alone!