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Telemetry, also known as Electronic/Digital Communication is the psychic perception, detection and the manipulation of the digital/electronic/radio waves within electronic devices. The user acts as a living internet hub, allowing them to sift through the internet and electronic/digital/radio waves with their mind. Furthermore, they can manipulate existing waves and receive and create their own, giving them the ability to communicate with any computer or radio on the fly, regardless of whether it has a working connection.

This ability may or may not be closely related to Technopathy.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Hana Gitelman naturally possessed this ability.
  • Richard Drucker naturally possessed this ability.


A master of their Cyberkinetic may use this ability to cause their consciousness to become essentially one with the internet, they would be able to move throughout the internet, wi-fi waves, radio waves, like they could from outside of them but they would have much more control and power over them.


Hana Gitelman[]

Hana appears to be able to "listen" to electronic transmissions with little or no effort. At present, there is no way to tell how strong a signal must be for Hana to detect it. While spying on Dr. Henry Strauss in Tanzania, Hana has to hide just outside his microbiology lab in order to be within range to intercept his wi-fi signals

Hana can transmit signals to electronic receivers. The range at which she can achieve this feat is limited; however, the device itself can presumably transmit the signal it receives from her normally. For example, she is able to transmit the signals she intercepts in Tanzania across the world to Odessa, TX, but probably uses her satellite phone to do so.

Hana was