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Telekinesis or Psychokinesis is the ability for a person to psychically influence tangible matter with the intangible mind. One with this ability could mentally lift subjects that are usually far too heavy to lift with the user actual arms. One with this ability could toss, grab, lift, levitate and otherwise interface with physically tangible subjects even to the point of manipulation from a great distance and manipulation of concealed subjects that the user cant even see.

This may include or be limited to one or more of the following:

The level of telekinetic strength and fine control is measured by the Telekinetic Scale.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Brian Davis naturally possessed this ability.
  • Misha naturally possesses this ability.
  • Peter Petrelli duplicated this ability.
  • Gabriel Gray duplicated this ability.
  • Arthur Petrelli stole this ability.
  • Samson Gray duplicated this ability.
  • Aviv naturally possesses this ability.


A master telekinetic could lift and move many objects, whether using it for fine control such as writing or many heavy objects using them as weapons or shields. A master telekinetic may also be able to control the individual atoms of an object causing them to disassemble themselves instantly. A skilled Telekinetic may be able to achieve Flight through use of this ability, by moving themselves with it.


Brian Davis[]

Brian Davis had extremely limited telekinetic ability. With intense concentration, he was able to move a cup slowly across the surface of a table. Brian was afraid of his power, and never tried to develop it.


Misha has used this ability to stop Maya's drinks and glasses from spilling at a bar, he is the first known telekinetic to exhibit control of liquids. Unlike other people who have this ability, Misha's eyes glow when he uses his power.

Peter Petrelli[]

Peter Petrelli is more powerful than Brian was, but not as adept as Sylar; he was able to stop Claude Rains from striking him with a mop handle and throw Sylar across a room. By pushing an armored car, he has shown that he can exert large amounts of force, but his fine control does not match Sylar's. His control, however, seems to be developing: in March, 2007, he forced open an exceptionally secure vault door, although he got a nose bleed in the process, and delicately caught a vial of the virus just before it hit the floor.

With the understanding of Intuitive Aptitude, Peter's telekinetic ability appeared to improve dramatically. He gained much finer control, to the point where he was able to literally weld a broken watch gear together telekinetically.

Like Sylar, Peter typically gestures when using his telekinetic ability.

Gabriel Gray[]

Sylar has demonstrated far more advanced telekinetic abilities than Brian. He can exert enough telekinetic force to flip a truck through the air or tear sheet metal, and he has enough control to cut off the top of a person's skull to expose the brain. Sylar has repeatedly been shown using telekinesis to shield himself from bullets, as well as to augment his own physical strength. Sylar is able to use this power with relatively little concentration.

Sylar typically uses hand gestures in conjunction with telekinetic feats, although he can use this ability without them. Presumably they somehow help him to direct the power. He was able to incapacitate an opponent when he was unable to move.

Sylar can simultaneously manipulate dozens of objects at once, having been shown to use swarms of locker doors, glass bottles, and glass shards as projectile weapons. Nonetheless, when he was holding Knox and Jesse Murphey with this power, he seemed unable to restrain a third enemy, Flint Gordon, suggesting that he may have trouble incapacitating more than two opponents at a time, possibly due his hands being used to help him direct his power.

Sylar has also shown that he can levitate himself telekinetically to an extent. He high-jumped through an opening in the ceiling to escape Matthew Parkman and Audrey. He also propelled himself from a crashing truck into a tree and sneaked up on Dale Smither and Claire Bennet without making any footsteps.

Despite apparently losing most of his acquired abilities due to the Shanti Virus, Sylar managed to keep his telekinetic abilities because the power is so closely related to the guilt he felt for killing Brian Davis.

Arthur Petrelli[]

Arthur stole this ability from Peter, along with Peter's other abilities. Despite having this ability for a relatively short amount of time, he became quite adept at controlling it. With a mere movement of his hand, he was able to telekinetically break Maury Parkman's neck, killing him. He was also capable of suspending others in mid-air without obvious concentration, as shown when he immobilized Sylar in the air while he talked to Flint.