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Technokinesis is the mental manipulation of electronic and digital technology so that they can be controlled without the need for physical contact, and can be made to move and function like controlled puppets (or even be made to simply function or malfunction according to the user's will). This ability by many is considered identical to Technopathy, however whereas Technopathy directly controls the technology Technokinesis controls the wavelenghts that control the technology, therefore they are just a medium for that control. Technopathy and Cyberkinesis can encompass this ability into their own.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Micah Sanders naturally possessed this ability.
  • Hana Gitelman naturally possessed this ability.


A technokinetic could manipulate technology that utilizes wavelengths to work, so certain vehicles such as jets and other technology that is controlled by a person manning a computer could be controlled remotely by the person.


Micah Sanders[]

Micah Sanders has this ability as an extension of his own Technopathic abilities, he has been able to access this particular ability by tracking GPS signals from one cellular device to another.

Hana Gitelman[]

Although Hana has not outright shown this ability, it is theorized that she is able to utilize it. Since her Cyberkinetic abilities allow her to manipulate electronic and digital waves of varying kinds and she has been able to affect and manipulate them to simulate phone calls only with her own vocalization and mental projections. If she is able to manipulate waves that directly control machines, she should be able to utilize them as a medium to control these machines.