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Superhuman Strength or Superstrength is the ability for a person to exert force from the muscles beyond that of a normal human. It is believed that the user's muscles are tighter and more dense than that of a normal human, giving them increased strength. If this theory is correct, the ability must also confer a high degree of durability, without which any use of enhanced strength would strip the user's muscles from their bones, which would themselves snap under the strain.

An alternative theory is that the user possesses a form of subconsciously directed Telekinesis which provides a boost to the user's physical strength without the need for widespread muscular and skeletal augmentation. Such an individual would be able to activate their enhanced strength at will, and could well be robbed of it through psychological techniques such as deep hypnosis.

A classification for the degrees of strength has been developed by a coalition of Evolved Human Scientists called the Strength Scale.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Michael Fitzgerald naturally possesses this ability.
  • Benjamin Washington naturally possessed an aspect of this ability known as Empathic Strength
  • Peter Petrelli duplicated this ability
  • Arthur Petrelli stole this ability
  • Nicole Sanders synthetically possessed this ability
  • Scott synthetically possessed this ability


The upper levels of this ability are not yet known, but it remains possible that with training this person could lift/pull/push several tons. Of course this upper limit is to those that have the capacity for that level of strength depending on their strength level as recorded on the strength scale.


Michael Fitzgerald[]

Fitzgerald's ability is, according to Sylar, enhanced strength and "durability". Despite this, Sylar is able to bypass Michael's durability by telekinetically closing his windpipe. It is unknown if other characters with enhanced strength also have "enhanced durability".

His eyes and the tattoos on his body appear to glow when his ability is in use. The reason for this is unknown.

Peter Petrelli[]

Peter absorbed this ability from Niki, and used it to effectively bloody Sylar's face. Later when Peter used this ability, he demonstrated enough concentrated strength to throw a man against a wall by punching him at the chest. After returning from the future, he is strong enough to easily hold Sylar against a wall with one hand. With a mere twist of his wrist he completely broke Sylar's neck.

Nicole Sanders[]

Niki Sanders's alter ego, Jessica, had superhuman physical strength sufficient to physically dominate and kill people much larger than her, often several at a time. She was able to tear people in half (literally) and tear the door off an office safe with her bare hands. In addition to being able to exert such force, she had the ability to resist the forces she applied, so she was not injured when performing superhuman feats of strength. There was no evidence that she had unusual resistance to other sources of injury. Her strength wasn't limited to her upper body, as she was able to send D.L. flying with a kick.

Niki was unable to access this power for a time without Jessica taking control. She was first able to use it on her own in Kirby Plaza. As she was physically the same person, she presumably had the same limits as Jessica.


After the formula was finally perfected, Scott was injected with it and was given enhanced strength as a result. He has demonstrated his ability by breaking free of his cuffs in the Pinehearst laboratory, unbolting his chair from the ground, and throwing it with enough force through a glass window at a brick wall to lodge it securely in the wall.