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Superhuman Anatomy[]

Abnormal Systemic Function- implies that some body part (or system), works differently than those of normal humans. It may serve another purpose in lieu of (and/or along with) what humans normally use them for, or may occur in an irregular or anomalous manifestation. This may range as follows:

-Blood: No Blood, Acid blood, Contained Blood Flow (when cut they will not bleed), Mind Controlling Blood, Exploding Blood (ignites when user is cut).

-Eyes: Strange-Colored Eyes (specify; may glow), Multiple Eyes, Compound Eyes (like an insect).

-Mouth/Oral/Vocal: Multiple Mouths

-Skin/Endocrine: Strange Skin Color (specify), Strange Skin Pattern (specify)

Natural Weapons, also called Body Weapons are superhuman features which are offensive in nature. This may include any of the following:

-Antlers/Horns: Bony projections from the head which are used to gore, stab, impale, or just knock foes around; the horns may be similar to those of a bull, those of a deer, those of a moose, those of a goat/ram or the like; the horn may even be on his nose, like a rhinoceros (called a Nasal Horn) or the like.

-Barb/Stinger: A sharp (perhaps jagged) projection, often attached to a tail, that allows the user to stab, prick, cut and/or perhaps deliver a venom; the barb may be likened to a scorpion’s stinger, a bee’s stinger, a fishing hook, a hypodermic needle, a razor, a piece of barbed wire, or the like.

-Claws, also known (more colloquially) as Assassin Claw: animalistic claws replace human fingernails and toenails; these can be used to scratch and cut foes, as well as scaling certain surfaces (and perhaps carrying disease); the claws may be likened to those of a cat, a bear or even a bird of prey (called Talons).

-Fangs, also known (more colloquially) as Assassin Fang: animalistic fangs replace human teeth. They can be razor sharp and like that of a shark, vampire, piranha, or sabertooth tiger or the like. Can carry a poison or venom and can be used in close combat.

-Cutting Skin: Cutting Skin or Incisive Skin, a cutting projection that can manifest in several ways including as small indentations similar to a grater, large distinct markings on the skin and numerous other forms.

Natrual Armor, are superhuman features which are defensive in nature. This may include any of the following:

-Armored Skin:


-Reinforcement: is a specific body part, organ, or system (not the skin) that is covered in a material that grants that specific part Superhuman Endurance or even Invulnerability). This can include such things as gel reinfroced nerves, metal reiforced bones, etc.

-Spiky Skin:

Phantom Anatomy, also called Phantom Body Parts implies the presence of body parts that are somehow or entirely imperceptible. This may entail a head that is intangible (and perhaps invisible) and thus incapable of sustaining physical harm (called a Phantom Head), innards which are intangible and thus incapable of taking lethal damage (called Phantom Innards or Phantom Insides), arms and legs which are invisible, giving the user the appearance of having the ability Psychokinesis (called Phantom Limbs) or the like. Having phantom body parts implies that the part is immune to physical harm and psionic attack (and bodily domination or alteration).

Projectility is the ability to launch some appendage from the body like a projectile or a missile. One with this ability could throw spikes, scales, a stinger, pieces of shrapnel, pieces of abrasive skin, or even feathers (this is called Projectile Feathers or Feather Flurry). This can be done by launching similar to a rocket launcher, building up air pressure within the body (which propels the projectile) or flicking the projectiles off of an extremity, like a porcupine (one with Projectile Feathers may even stiffen and/or sharpen the feathers before release). This ability is often accompanied by Superhuman Accuracy.

Protrusion/Retraction, also called Protractility/Retractility, Extension/Retraction or Extendibility (or Extensibility)/Retractability is the ability to protrude or retract superhuman features as needed, often to appear normal or superpowered at will. If the features naturally stick out, they are retracted; if they are naturally withdrawn, they are protruded. One with this ability could have retractable scales, extendable claws, spikes, wings, etc., which appear and retract as desired. In some cases, this ability may even be accompanied by Projectility or Reinforcement.

Superhuman Metabolism, the ability to process foods with better effecienty than a normal human. The user could eat unhealthy foods and their body would act as though the nutritional value was higher than normal. They also process food born illness at a much faster rate.

Superhuman Respiratory System, or Superhuman Lungs is the ability to have lungs that function much better than an ordinary humans. They can hold their breath for much longer than the average human. They may also be able to exhale air at a tremendous force. Because of this they may have higher stamina than the average human.

By Hariom SIsodia