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Shapeshifting, also known as Shape Shifting, Shape-Shifting, Shapechanging, Appearance Mimicry or Morphing is ability to use physical, psychic (i.e. Biokinesis) or psionic means in order to change one's form (skin color, height, weight, physical features) to look like that of another, including others of the same species or members of a different species (even sometimes an object). This allows the user to gain new abilities beyond those which accompany the current form (such as energy/mental abilities associated with that species). Variations of this ability are as follows:

Age Shifting

Alternate Form

Alter Ego (Physical Version)

Assimilation, also known as Shapeshifter Emulation, Proximity Shapeshifting or Zeligism is a very limited form of shapeshifting in which one can only assume the forms of nearby species or nearby races. One with this ability could only transform into a human if he were near humans, a bird if he were near birds, and the like, so as to blend in with them. The shapeshifting would be complete (the appearance, voice, habits and abilities, etc.) but only the form of the nearest living entities could be assumed.

Conformity is the ability for the user to be instantaneously converted into a genetic replicate of another with whom he has come into contact; by touching their skin, blood or other genetic materials (the requirement varies), the user is turned into their genetic copy (they can only assume the form of the last species of creature they touched; past forms cannot be recalled, although sometimes the user can decide to suppress this ability, so every touch does not activate this power). This ability is the opposite number of Conversion.

Deceptive Shapeshifting, also called Deceptive Assimilation or Batesian Mimicry is the ability to shapeshift into a form that appears dangerous or menacing, while only retaining the abilities of one's original form. One with this ability could turn into a Dragon, but would be unable to fly or breathe fire, and their tail would be limp (unless any of those abilities applied in its true form). This ability is not for combat, simply for a mode of defense (like transforming into a snake, but having no venom).

Empathic Shapeshifting, also called Emotional Shapeshifting is the superhuman changing of one's form based on someone's feelings toward the user, or one’s own feelings towards oneself/others (or the kind of feelings they want to evoke; but the exact form is not controlled by the user). The user may gain extreme beauty if perceived by others as a beautiful person, or they may take on a monstrous form if perceived by others as something to be feared. This ability is rarely controllable, but is often accompanied by normal Empathy (and/or, in some cases, Empathic Projection).

Density Shifting

Gender Shifting

Reactive Adaptation

Shapeshifter Assimilation, also called Contact Assimilation is a very specific form of shapeshifting in which one could only shapeshift into a form that one has previously observed or come into contact with. The form assumed does not have to be the last creature the user encountered; one with this ability could turn into any person, any object or animal, so long as they have come into contact with it sometime in the past, or (less common) have a slight idea of what it looks like.

Size Shifting

Specific Shapeshifting is another specific version of Shapeshifting in which one can only shapeshift into certain classes of animals, or only certain species. One with this ability may be able to turn into any variety of wildcat, or any feline, but only felines. Or they could be capable of shapeshifting into any variety of bird, or fish or dog, but only that one class of animal.

Trace Shifting

Weight Shifting

Sometimes shapeshifting can only be done within the same mass range, so that a superhuman could not assume the form of anything larger or too much smaller than one's actual size (although this limit is uncommon). However, if this limit does apply, it is sometimes possible to assimilate the molecules of other objects or subjects to support the size, density or species change by touching objects or biotic subjects during the process of shapeshifting.

•Note: The power Assimilation, when applied to outlandish-looking superhumans, often implies that they have the ability to retract all superhuman features and take on a more human-looking appearance (including the voice and habits).

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • No known evolved humans display this ability.not yet


The body may assume numerous forms. The general variation of this power allows one to assume the form of a person, an animal, a plant, or any other living species (even an object); the subsequent ability variations restrict the shapeshifting capability.


Shapeshifting in any variation beside the normal version means the user must shapeshift within his own mass range.