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Quantum Deduction, also known as Quantum Solution or Solving is the ability to psychically calculate the presence of clues and hints to deduce the solution of nearly any problem. Many times, it can be used to predict moves, strategies or motives based on present variables. It can even be used to correctly deduce words in a language or to analyze minor variables such as injury, deficiency of accuracy or physical handicaps to come up with a precise formula, solution or plan. This ability can even be used to determine the difficulty of a task, and how much effort will be needed to finish it before it is undertaken.

Known Evolved Humans[]


        Imaginative Deduction, also known as X-Factoring, X Factoring, or Factoring is the abiltiy to see events based on give probabilities. This ability can be used to see what factors are envolved or need to be changed in order to reach a desired outcome. Usually accompanies quantum deduction.