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Psychic Persuasion, also known as Persuasion, Suggestion or Mind Control is the superhuman ability to psychically negate the inhibitions of others, placing them in an extreme state of suggestibility, either by visual, mental or vocal contact. When the user suggests something to the person on which the power is being used, they will feel a strange compulsion to do what they are told. In extreme cases, people have been known to kill themselves or kill others due to the effects of this superhuman ability.

Known Evolved Humans[]


The ability of persuasion is a more refined, specific form of Telepathy essentially allows somebody to control everything that the mind does only through vocalizing those commands. If you consider telepathy, which does the same thing only through mental commands. Persuasion can be used to control people completely and utterly, if mastered there may be no limit to what someone can "persuade" somebody else to do. It has been shown that by using persuasion it can actually affect the way the mind controls the body, it was once used to give somebody a heart attack, and this may only be an application of it. Persuasion can be a very powerful ability.


Sarah Ellis[]

Sarah's power of persuasion requires speech (so, it would not work if she were gagged), and presumably requires the affected individual to understand the spoken commands and be able to act on them.

Often during her focused commands her voice would become distorted.

Sarah's suggestions do not compel instant obedience. She sometimes has to repeat commands before her victims obey, and the exact wording of the command may affect its success. However, when strongly focused, the true limits of the power may extend to outright killing of the victim through pure power of persuasion.

This power appears to require active concentration: not every suggestion Sarah makes has an unnaturally persuasive effect; she has to intentionally use the power.