Advancing Evolution Wiki

Psychic Intimidation, also known as Intimidation, Fear Inducing, Fear Manifestation, or the Fear/Horror Factor is the ability to psychically instill fear in opponents through mental, visual or vocal contact, causing the subject on which it is being used to act with irrational fear toward the person who uses the ability. This may, however, be accomplished in numerous ways besides eye contact:

Creepy Smile, also called Crazy Smile or Mad Grin- A more-than-vaguely demented smile which, upon being seen, psychically shakes foes' fortitude, scares them and makes them leery of what the user’s up to (and stays in their heads a while after being seen).

Frightful Presence- By simply being in the immediate area of a foe, the user’s mind sends subliminal signals to all around which sends chills down their spine (and their presence induces nightmares in sleeping foes). The user may also be innately ruthless and cruel on par with a psychopath.

Frightening Appearance or Ghastly Visage- One's appearance may be frightening to foes (or any subject). Any attempt to make a frightening face at someone, with this attribute, induces fear. Sometimes, the frightening/ugly features are retractable (so the user isn’t ugly or scary all the time)

Frightening Hallucination or Intimidating Illusion- Causes the user to look like whatever it is the subject fears most, or causes subject to see or feel as though "experiencing" that which they fear most (if what they fear most is a certain type of situation, and not a living thing or an object).

Frightening Voice- A vocalization of that is scary, intimidating or unnerving to hear; may be a Maniacal Laugh (also called Maniacal/Insane/Demented Laughter) which, upon being heard, shakes foes up, scares them and stays in their heads a while after being heard), a Haunting Moan (also called Ghostly Moan or Ghostly Wail) which is unsettling to hear, a Frightening Roar (also called Roaring or Roar) or the like.

Scary Face, also called Piercing Stare or Evil Eye- By simply giving the foe a mean look, the user sends subliminal signals to them which send chills down the foe’s spine, even if the user and the subject are not eye-to-eye. The user is also seemingly unafraid and not easily psyched-out.

One with this ability may even be able to psychically instill a fear/aversion to something or someone, no matter how seemingly minute or ridiculous (called Phobia/Aversion Generation). If the user has all (or most) of these faculties, it is often just called Psychic Intimidation (there is no need to be specific).