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Postcognition, also called Retrocognition, Past Sight or Retrospect is the psychic ability to visually perceive information about past events after they happen, without any guessing based on deductive reasoning and current knowledge. This ability occurs as a brief flash of the scene, or it may last longer. Sometimes, however, it can even be activated at will within whichever interval the user desires (the last six hours, yesterday) at which time it becomes Selective Postcognition, Selective Retrocognition or Selective Retrospect.

Different Postcogs (or Retrocogs) often display their postcognitive abilities in different ways, similar to the opposite of Precognitive Dreaming, Precognitive Painting, and Psychophonics.

Selective Postcognition[]

An incredibly rare manifestation of postcognition.

Known Evolved Humans[]


A person with any type of postcognition would be capable of learning various details about the past. They may use such knowledge to ascertain the truth behind certain accounts in history, to pass tests on such, or even for more insidious purposes, like finger-wrapqping or , even blackmail.


Different types of postcognition have different limitations.