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Midakinesis (a.k.a. Chrysopoeia and Aurification) is an ability derived from Alchemical Transmutation, it involves changing the atoms of an element into those of gold.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Robert Bishop naturally possessed this ability.
  • Gabriel Gray duplicated this ability.



Robert Bishop[]

Bob can turn objects only into gold. The amount of mass he can affect at one time is unknown, though he has turned an adult male named Hampton Connolly entirely into gold. After transmutation, Hampton Connolly was carried out by four men on a stretcher, suggesting his weight may not have been significantly increased. However, it is not known whether only a shell of Hampton's form was left after transformation or whether the gold Hampton was transformed to weighed less than standard gold.

It is not yet known if there are materials Bob cannot transform. So far he has only used it to transform solids, it is unknown if it is possible to affect liquids or gases with this ability.

Since Bob's power does not automatically affect anything he touches, it must require some concentration to use.

Gabriel Gray[]

Utilizing control nearly equal to Bob's, Sylar was able to turn a gun to pure gold in a matter of seconds, only minutes after acquiring this ability.