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Logorrhea, also called Logorrhea Inducing, Vocal Continuation/Continuity or Vocal/Verbal Flux (Inducing) is the psychic ability to continue vocalization in any biotic subject. One with this ability could keep foes talking so that they are easy to find, or so that the foe's jaw gets tired. The user of this ability could even cause people to keep talking for so long that, after they run out of things to say, they will begin broadcasting their thoughts. More humorously, this ability could also be used as annoyance, so that one can keep oneself continually talking.

•This ability could even cause dogs to continue barking, cats to continue yowling or hissing, rattlesnakes to continue rattling, etc. to confuse subjects, scare them, psych them out, or the like.

Known Evolved Humans[]


Interrogations might take much shorter than usual if the suspect is made to talk and talk and talk, to the point of running out of things to say and speaking his inner thoughts. In fact, this ability could even cause the subject's mind to keep vocalizing thoughts over and over, thus somewhat flooding the user's mind with his own thoughts.


This ability can only affect systems the produce sound for communication purposes; this cannot be used to manipulate or create external sound, and cannot be used on a subject unless they are capable of vocalization (a turtle, for example, could produce no vocalization beside perhaps a short hissing noise; a rabbit could only produce the noise it produces; a cat can only yowl, hiss or meow; however, a mute person would still be incapable of speech)