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Logomachy is the psychic ability to speak with powerful (sometimes vicious) words. Even if they are not true, which they sometimes aren’t, one with this ability can speak so mordaciously as to hurt the feelings of nearly any foe, or with such power to inspire allies or so cleverly to lure any enemy into a meaningless and pointless argument, which can be used for major distraction. One with this ability usually psychically activates the medulla oblongata which makes the person very irritable and likely to retaliate to the slightest suggestion, topic or idea.

Known Evolved Humans[]


This ability can be quite a strong weapon. It can serve as the vocal version of Psychic Intimidation, or to get crowds fired up. It triggers the part of the mind that invokes the fight or flight response, causing people to either shy away or feel confrontational. It can be turned either way, and as such, is very dangerous in social situations.