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Leptokinesis, also called Nanokinesis or Atomic/Molecular/Matter Manipulation is the ability to mentally manipulate molecules and to manipulate objects/subjects on a molecular level. One with this ability could change the molecules of objects to turn them into different shapes, change the properties of objects and structures, to make them more pliable, elastic, round, short, large, small or the like. The user could even possibly separate his own molecules to become intangible and phase through subjects, or separate the molecules of other subjects to vaporize, dissolve or rearrange any object/subject that one desires.

Known Evolved Humans[]


A person with this ability is capable of manipulating matter on a molecular level, implying the capability to distort, reshape, rearrange, disintegrate, liquefy, shatter, reconstitute or otherwise change/affect matter at will. However, this often occurs as only one of the previously-given manifestations, and either develops or remains stagnant (does not change).


This ability is immensely powerful, and sometimes requires that the user have some knowledge of molecular structure, or at least have an idea of what the new form/shape of matter should look like, otherwise resulting in random molecular displacement, and random distortion of shape.