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Hana Gitelman

Hana Gitelman is an Evolved Humans with the ability of Cyberkinesis.

Personal History[]

Gitelman's Grandmother fought in World War II in the resistance against Germany. Her mother was a decorated Israeli pilot. Both her mother and grandmother were killed in a 1989 terrorist attack, which Gitelman survived. Gitelman served in the Israeli Army and transferred to Mossad in 1997 where she excelled in Sig-Int and rose through the ranks of the intelligence organization, most likely due to her latent abilities.

A former [[The Company|Company] operative exploited Gitelman's strong desire to participate in active fieldwork and recruited her from Mossad. After physical training at a secure facility and the full manifestation of her abilities, Gitelman was sent to Tanzania to intercept data on DNA alteration from Dr. Henry Strauss. She successfully completed the mission, but was captured in the process and turned over to the US Embassy. Her belief that she was working for the CIA and lack of bona fides most likely came as a surprise to her and our intelligence indicates that she escaped.

Gitelman went "off the grid" but turned up in possible league with Noah Bennet in an attempt to thwart Company activities. She may have been involved in a plot to tamper with election results in a New York congressional election. Intelligence also revealed that her attempt to destroy Company property in China resulted in her physical death; however, recent activity suggests that her ability to hear electronic communications ran deeper than our research originally indicated.

Hana Gitelman apparently melded herself with the world's computer networks and was able to survive for some time as a virtual computer program of herself, until Company recruit Matthew Neuenberg (see case file C025) detected her presence in a Company computer, which led to her, and Richard Drucker's (see case file A012), complete disintegration.

Psychological Profile[]

Company findings indicate that Gitelman was unnaturally single-minded and stoical with limited social skills who tended to see issues in "black and white" rather than by their true nature. Her training in the Israeli military coupled with her mom and grandmother's death, effectively stunted her emotions, which made her a perfect military asset but not a particularly sound intelligence agent. Her reserved—some might say "cold"—nature coupled with her extreme hatred for The Company and any perceived evil made her a particularly dangerous threat to those she opposed.

It is unfortunate that the Company did not get to evaluate her after her physical body's death in China. Research into how and why she became a virtual program could have proved invaluable in understanding this process and the minds of those who possess para-evolutionary abilities.

Anomalistic Abilities[]

Hana had the anomalistic ability to intercept, generate and interpret electronic wireless transmissions. She could read e-mails and text messages as they are being transmitted, even before they are received. She could also send messages directly from her mind. According to her assignment tracker file at The Company, Hana's control index was 75%. Her data analysis shows her biological level at 25, cerebral at 90, elemental at 45, and temporal/spatial at 20.