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Gabriel "Sylar" Gray
Vital statistics
Real Name Gabriel Gray
Aliases Zane Taylor, Gabriel Sylar, Drew O'Grady, Nathan Petrelli, Andrew Hanson, Boogeyman, Brain Man, Bad Man
Relations Samson Gray (biological father), Martin Gray (adoptive father), Virgina Gray (adoptive mother)
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York
Date of Birth
Last Known Location
Evolved Human Type {{{evolved human type}}}
Anomalistic Ability Intuitive Aptitude, Currently Obtained Abilities: Telekinesis, Rapid Cellular Regeneration, Alchemical Transmutation, Clairsentience, Audiokinesis, Electrokinesis, Lie Detection, Imprinting, Shape Shifting, Matter Dissemblance
Threat Level {{{threat level}}}
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Unusual Features
Ethnicity Caucasian
Citizenship United States
Legal Status Fugitive for murder
Marital Status
Occupation Pinehearst Company Agent (formerly), The Company Agent (formerly), Watchmaker/restorer (formerly)

Gabriel "Sylar" Gray is an Evolved Humans with the ability of Intuitive Aptitude and some form of empathy.

Personal History.[]

Sylar is a serial killer who sometimes removes the brains of his victims, primarily those he believes to be evolved humans. Chandra Suresh identified him as Patient Zero in his research. Before adopting the name Sylar, he was known as Gabriel Gray.

Gray is the son of a watchmaker who carried on his father's trade for several years before being approached for study by Dr. Chandra Suresh, who termed Gray his "Patient Zero." Under Dr. Suresh's inadvertent tutelage, Gray realized he had more than one anomalistic ability; in fact, he came to understand that he could absorb the abilities of others. The specific mechanism of acquiring these powers remain unclear, but we understand that it requires the removal of the victim's brain matter. While under Company protection, study into this mechanism began, but Gray escaped before our scientists could determine Gray's precise manner of acquiring abilities from his victims' brain matter.

With the incorporation of new abilities into his genetic structure, Gray assumed the name Sylar and began killing individuals on Chandra Suresh's list of "specials."

We captured Gray after the Union Wells High School incident. FBI Agent Audrey Hanson and Mattew Parkman's investigation led them to an unsuccessful raid on Primatech Paper while Sylar was in our custody. Under observation, Sylar proved uncooperative and an incident with Eden McCain/Sarah Ellis led to her death. Despite our best efforts, Sylar escaped from our custody before our study was completed. Gray's current location is unknown and death should not be presumed.

Gabriel Gray weights approximately 150lbs.

Gabriel Gray's former address is 1146 Trenton Place APT 1B, Queens, NY 11011.

Psychological Profile[]

Gabriel Gray Cranial Imaging

Gabiel Gray's overbearing mother pressed on him the notion that he was "special" and meant for more than his family's middle-class existence. When he failed to live up to expectations, he fell into the family trade as a watchmaker and grew increasingly frustrated with his life.

When he began manifesting abilities, he realized he could use them to fulfill his deep-seated desire to be "special" and thus prove his worth to his demanding mother. However, infusion of foreign DNA into Sylar's genome has corrupted his mind and moral compass. He began seeing himself as vastly superior to average people, which gave him—in his mind—the moral authority to kill at will. He became sociopath and singularly focused on gaining more abilities. If still alive with his powers intact, his desire to be increasingly "special" will surely compel him to seek out additional victims. Extreme caution must be exercised if encountering Sylar.

Anomalistic Abilities.[]

Sylar's original ability is the power to determine exactly how things work. Sylar used this innate ability to discover how to take the abilities of other evolved humans. He determined that Chandra Suresh was correct that the abilities are based in the brain, and several of Sylar's victims have had their skulls opened and brains removed. By studying his victims' brains he is able to determine how their powers work and replicate those abilities himself.

Arthur Petrelli revealed to Sylar that he can obtain the abilities of other people without killing them through Empathy. Arthur left Sylar in a room with Elle Bishop, with whom he had a long talk, after which Sylar manifested her ability. It is unknown whether this manifestation was related to empathic mimicry or if it was purely empathy.

With this ability comes a 'hunger' for more knowledge and power. Sylar believes that it is this hunger that drives him to murder others and steal their powers.

According to his assignment tracker file at, Sylar's control index is 76%. His data analysis shows his biological level at 40, cerebral at 85, elemental at 45, and temporal/spatial at 20.

Acquired Abilities.[]

Sylar has acquired a number of powers. In order, Sylar has acquired:

When Sylar was infected with the Shanti Virus, all of his powers were suppressed. The only powers he acquired before the infection that he has demonstrated since recovering are his original power and telekinesis. He has acquired the following additional powers since recovering from the virus:

Sylar killed Echo DeMille, severed Danny Pine's metallic arm, and knocked out Eric Doyle, but he apparently did not take their abilities; neither Echo's nor Doyle's bodies showed signs of brain removal; Danny's body was missing. Echo's ability is the same as Jesse Murphy's, which Sylar had taken previously.

During their conversation, Sylar and Mr. Bennet confirmed that Sylar has multiple abilities; however, apart from telekinesis, the Company was unable to identify what these powers were. Based on Mohinder's statement to the authorities that at least six people from his father's list have been murdered by Sylar (prior to Zane Taylor), it's likely that Sylar has acquired at least sixteen abilities: the six Mohinder mentions, plus those of Zane, Dale, Isaac, Ted, Claire, Bob, Bridget, Jesse, Elle and Sue Landers. However, due to his exposure to the Shanti virus, Sylar seemed to have lost all these abilities except telekinesis, plus those abilities he acquired after being healed. He held on to his telekinetic abilities because the power is so closely related to the guilt he felt for killing Brian Davis.

Sylar attempted to take an ability from Candice Wilmer, but he was unable to use it because he was affected by the Shanti virus; in an interview, the writers confirmed that Sylar was unable to acquire this ability while infected.

Telekinesis is Sylar's most commonly observed acquired ability. He has demonstrated the ability to use at least two of his acquired abilities at the same time (The Hard Part). Possibly because of his intuitive aptitude, Sylar's control over an acquired ability is often superior to that of the person from whom he obtained it.


Sylar went into hiding.