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Flight, also referred to as Human Flight Potential is the ability to defy gravity in order to propel oneself through the air. One with this ability can accomplish it in one of multiple ways. Either their body projects an electromagnetic aura around them, which repulses the user from the ground and allows propulsion from one point to another. Others include the use of magnetic, gravitational or sonic repulsion, riding air waves, riding light waves, projection of an energy Aura, the presence of physical wings and the like. This ability may be accompanied by Jet Propulsion or some other aerial faculty.

Fliers often possess the adaptation known as Aerial Adaptations, which allow them to survive the pressurized winds, heat created by supersonic flight, difficulty to see at high speeds, ability to breathe in low-oxygen levels of the atmosphere, among others.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • West Rosen naturally possesses this ability.
  • Angie naturally possesses this ability.
  • Peter Petrelli duplicated this ability.
  • Arthur Petrelli stole this ability.
  • Nathan Petrelli synthetically possesses this ability.



West Rosen[]

West can carry Claire in flight for extended periods of time. However, carrying Noah, who is heavier than Claire, high into the air exhausted him after a few minutes.

He can apparently fly to altitudes of 30,000 feet or more for at least short periods without serious discomfort. He can also merely hover above the ground instead of actually flying. He has not demonstrated supersonic flight speeds. He appears to have practiced extensively at using his power.

Peter Petrelli[]

Peter has independently reproduced this power and easily carried both Claude Rains and Nathan, individually, with him while flying. When Peter injected himself with the formula, he displayed this power. He is currently holding flight as his ability after replicating it from Nathan.

Peter can fly at supersonic speeds. Similarly, this might include the side-effect of protection from temperature extremes and atmospheric pressure, as well as being able to perceive his surroundings.

Nathan Petrelli[]

Although initially Nathan exhibited little control over his ability, his proficiency has noticeably increased over time, despite there being no evidence that he is actively working to improve his flying ability.

athan can apparently fly at supersonic speeds. If this is true, a side-effect of his abilities may include some protection from extremes of temperature and atmospheric pressure as well as the ability to perceive his surroundings while flying at such speeds. This may also explain how he was able to survive Peter's nuclear explosion above New York City

Initially, Nathan was unable to stay aloft while carrying Peter's weight, only stabilizing when Peter mimicked his power. Now, Nathan is able to carry the weight of others without assistance while flying — he carried Peter and Matthew Parkman.