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Empathic Strength

A form of Superhuman Strength known as Empathic Strength, it works with the ability of Empathy. It allows the possessor of this ability to sense and feel the emotions of the people around him or when experiencing an increase in a certain emotion themselves are able to utilize this to increase their physical strength, after this conversion is made the strength itself functions like normal Superhuman Strength, however the major difference between Empathic Strength and Superhuman Strength is that with the more of the source of emotion that the Evolved Human is exposed to the stronger they become. This difference renders the Strength Scale obsolete when attempting to apply this ability to its criteria. While any emotion can fuel Empathic Strength, fear is generally the most common emotion that fuels the strength from others. While anger, fear, jealousy, and pride are the top causes for Empathic Strength when the person is fueled by their own emotions.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Benjamin Knox naturally possessed this ability.


When someone possessing this ability is exposed to their source emotion from others the potential upper limit of their strength is hard to judge. Theoretically, however, if they are experienced to a large number of people who are experiencing said source emotion then their strength can be greatly increased to herculean proportions. When someone has the facet of Empathic Strength when their own emotions control their strength level then this is a more problematic situation to examine. Theoretically, depending on the severity of their emotions their strength can be boosted to herculean proportions as well, but they would need to put themselves in a situation the provides them with their source emotion, which could go either way actually. If they are inexperienced in their abilities and do not know the cause of them, and for example they are facing another Evolved Human that causes them to be afraid (and this is the assumed source emotion) then their strength would be boosted almost immediately. However, whenever their fear would subside regardless of the reason their strength would lower according to how much less fearful they are, which leads to the other possibility if they are aware of the nature of their abilities then they wouldn't have fear of a situation for they would know that their strength would kick in but then again knowing that their strength functions on said fear their strength would not manifest. This is a very tricky aspect to successfully analyze it truly needs to be utilized in field usage for a correct analysis. However, the emotion that their strength is fueled from is also required for successful diagnosis of its potential.

-further study into empathic strength required-


Benjamin Knox[]

Knox states that he can increase his strength by absorbing the fear of others who are around him. His assignment tracker profile says he can convert ambient emotions into enhanced strength. These claims are supported by Knox's ability to detect fear in other people. Enhanced by the fear of numerous hostages, he was able to punch through the body of the German and make a hole in the metal locker behind him. Knox has stated that he can "smell" her fear. After his source of fear has either overcome their fear or is no longer present in the area his strength disappears immediately leaving him vulnerable.

Knox seems to inhale deeply before utilizing his strength. He also trembles violently with great amounts of fear.

Without feeding on the fear of others, Knox is only as strong as a normal person. He attempts to bend a steel bar while no one is around but cannot.