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Eidetic Memory

Eidetic Memory (or Photographic Memory, Enhanced Memory) is the ability to remember things much more readily than a normal human (this usually entails comprehending and remembering visual information). Those with superhuman memories usually only need to read or hear something once and they will never forget it again (they may have a hard time recalling it, though after learning numerous other things). If one with this ability tried to retain too much knowledge at one time, it can cause fatal mental damage.

This ability is not to be confused with the more advanced Panmnesia.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Matthew Neuenberg naturally possessed this ability.


Eidetic Memory allows one possessing it to remember an incredibly vast amount of information and to recall, if given the time they could learn a lot of information and use it in any situation that is required. The applications of such a memory are nearly limitless, they could be brilliant scientists and physicians, utilizing things that they have learned so well. However, it should be noted that even the mind of someone possessing this ability can be over worked, while there is no known limit the brain still needs time to perceive what it is memorizing and to store it away for future usage. If it is force-fed too much at a single time their brain will crack under the pressure.


Matthew Neuenberg[]

According to the testing The Company has done on him, Matt Neuenberg has the capability of remembering great amounts of information. With the aid of a goggle device, Matt is able to store an entire mainframe computer's worth of data and have his brain be a makeshift backup drive. However, since even the mind of someone possessing Eidetic Memory can be over-worked he died when his mind was overrun with too much information at once. His mind didn't have enough time to store the information before it was forced to intake even more, this caused his brain to hemmorage from the pressure and he died.