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Digital Mind, also called Digital Mimicry is the psychic mimicry of the electronic "thought" processes of a computer hard drive, allowing memory and data gathering, analysis and processing on par with or beyond a supercomputer; one with this ability can also read bar codes and binary code like an actual language. The information that is downloaded into a user's mind may or may not develop an additional ability that works with this one allowing them to have access to that "downloaded" information permanently, so it may be subject to the workings of a normal human memory. However, if that person does permanently maintain the information their minds work much like that of a Panmnesiac or someone with an Eidetic Memory, the only difference being that it is much more like a computer's file system, with a limited amount of space, and when more information needs to be added after the space is full then old information may need to be "deleted", but since this person has access to the computer networks that store the information this may or may not be a very debilitating fact. Those that do develop the accompanying memory enhancement however do not have an enhanced memory for everything that they perceive, it only applies to information gathered through direct computer access.

A technopathic and cyberkinetic may have access to this ability.

Known Evolved Humans[]


An Evolved Human that has a Digital Mind may be able to store the information permanently or not, the former is definitely a much more potent form of this ability. The uses of either may be very much the same as that of someone with an Eidetic Memory, however a difference is that because a person with a Digital Mind can directly link with computer networks allowing them to access the information at a moments notice they have no real need for an enhanced memory.


Hana Gitelman[]

This is a natural procession of Hana's cyberkinetic abilities, she could use this ability to sift through information that was stored in a computer program by accessing the data waves that it created. She could then use this ability to "download" the information into her own mind, the information isn't embedded into her mind because she doesn't have either Panmnesia or an Eidetic Memory, so the information is subject to remembrance by her normal human memory.