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Cybernetic Travel, also called Cybernetic Conversion or Digital Conversion is the projection of consciousness into electronic devices (or psionic conversion of physical matter to/from digital data); may also include free-course interaction/manipulation of programs, travel in "cyberspace" and transport between any two connected digital conduits. This is an ability that both technopathics and telemetrics can perform.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Hana Gitelman naturally possessed this ability.
  • Richard Drucker naturally possessed this ability.



Hana Gitelman[]

Hana Gitelman only had access to this ability upon her physical body's death, in the same moment that her body was incinerated her power levels boosted to an extreme level and her consciousness was projected into cyberspace. She now exists as an artificial intelligence.

Richard Drucker[]

see Hana Gitelman's limits