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Vital statistics
Name Chronokinesis
Aliases Time Manipulation, Horokinesis, Space-Time Manipulation
Basics The ability to manipulate the space-time continuum
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Related Abilities Chronopathy, Teleportation
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Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: Hiro Nakamura, Arnold Jasper
Duplicated Possessors: Peter Petrelli
Stolen Possessors: Arthur Petrelli
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Time Manipulation, or Chronokinesis is the Anomalistic Ability to mentally alter time. With this ability, one could travel through time, control the speed of movement, slow down things or people, and speed oneself up. Someone who has this power could even accelerate or reverse the aging process on anything one desires. This ability may include the manipulation of space or spacetime as well in accordance with the time-space continuum, allowing Teleportation.

Further Study[]

Ability Mechanics[]

The ability of Chronokinesis is likely not the actual manipulation of time and space, but rather the Chronokinetic's manipulation of themselves in accordance with it. This is derived from the fact that people with Chronokinesis are still held down by gravity when time is so called frozen, are still able to breathe, the weight of other objects still apply and so on. Which would be a focal point of why chronokinetics develop health concerns, and also supports the theory about the teleportation aspects of this ability (see below).

Butterfly Effect[]



It should be noted that one theory concerning the teleportation aspect of this ability that some chronokinetics possess may simply be time slowing down to allow the person to move at incredible speeds, this is supported by the fact that when a chronokinetic so called freezes time they are actually just slowing it down enormously, proven by the fact that certain super speedsters who are capable of moving fast enough, are able to still function when a chronokinetic "freezes" time. If this is true, then the chronokinetic may not be aware of their actual movement.

Brain Tumors[]

Other chronokinetics are often immune to the time manipulations caused by others with the same ability. It has been known that several known Chronokinetics have slowly begun to experience adverse side effects from the use of their abilities, this is believed to be a result of using their abilities with non-chronokinetics, freezing time around others or time-traveling with others. This is because of the nature of the ability, only a chronokinetic has the genetics and mental capacities for such feats. Leaving others unaffected by their own manipulation of time puts an incredible strain on the users brain, and causes the adverse reactions to it. A way to reverse the effects of this, after the health concerns have arose is underdevelopment although it has been speculated that individuals with healing abilities can counteract these side-effects. One possible reason for the adverse health effects could be the sheer scale of what this ability enables the user to accomplish i.e. bending the space-time continuum.

Social Possibilities[]

Psychological Effects[]


Potentially a Chronokinetic can manipulate time to such a degree that they could cause almost anything to happen, they could rewind time all the back to prehistoric times causing havoc or go thousands of years into the future.


Hiro Nakamura[]

Main article: Hiro Nakamura

All of Hiro's space-time manipulation abilities require intense concentration, as shown by the way he typically closes his eyes and furrows his brow when attempting to invoke his power. His control has substantially improved over time, however, and he has far greater command of his abilities now than when he first discovered them.

Hiro can apparently stop time, causing the rest of the world to seem to freeze while he can still move. When time is frozen this way, Hiro can still interact with objects and even people without them being "unfrozen" or aware of his activities. In addition, Hiro can slow time, and reverse time. The last is particularly unusual, in that his manipulation caused a gun to actually misfire, as though time reversed for the bullet, but only slowed or stopped for the gun itself. This event suggests that Hiro can cause various objects to move through time selectively.

Hiro can teleport himself and other people through space instantaneously. Such teleports can cover at least intercontinental distances. Each time he has carried "passengers", he has been touching the other individual(s). Hiro has shown the ability to teleport himself, a horse, and the horse's rider simultaneously; Hiro placed his hand on the horse's neck.

Hiro can also move himself and another person through time into the future or the past. If moving into the past, he can alter history, but he apparently cannot alter history in such a way that he would eliminate his original cause for going into the past. Nonetheless, Hiro's trips into the past create a variety of alternate timelines.

Hiro had relatively limited power upon returning from his attempt to save Charlie. He was unable to go back in time to try again to save her, and when attempting to stop time at the museum, he only succeeded in slowing it. Upon obtaining the sword of Takezo Kensei, he was immediately able to teleport himself and Ando through both time and space with relative ease. He has since shown that he can use his power normally without a sword for a focus.

Hiro ages normally while using his power. Thus, if "he lived a year in the past and returned to the present, he'd be a year older."

Hiro's ability has been suppressed by dosing him with fumes of opium, which breaks his concentration and thus disables him from stopping time and teleporting.

A person with this ability is apparently immune to time-stops caused by others with the same ability. When Hiro froze time to attack Adam Monroe, Peter, an ally of Adam, was unaffected.

Hiro apparently can't fully stop time, as when he did so Daphne Millbrook was still able to move at her normal speed. This is likely explained, that going at supersonic speed reached up to the point Hiro's freezing time powers, partially unfreezing Daphne.

Arnold Jasper[]

Main article: Arnold Jasper
Arnold demonstrated significant aptitude at controlling his power in that he was capable of sending himself and others through time and space with accuracy. A testament to his proficiency is that he was able to time travel precisely even with his brain tumour.

Peter Petrelli[]

Main article: Peter Petrelli

When Peter mimicked this ability, he seemed able to do so without the intense concentration shown by Hiro.

Peter's first demonstration of the power was to slow time when Mr. Bennet and the Haitian tried to subdue him with tasers. He apparently used the power instinctively to slow time. When time resumed its normal flow, the taser darts fell to the ground instead of continuing their flight. It isn't clear whether this was a side-effect of Peter manipulating time or the result of some other power Peter used (like Telekinesis). Peter teleported and time-traveled with Caitlin without intense concentration.

Peter is able to speak with Hiro despite Hiro stopping time, indicating that he spontaneously used this power to interact with Hiro.

Peter demonstrates more advanced control of the ability, teleporting from New York to Costa Verde at will, without moving through time. After activating Intuitive Aptitude with Gabriel Gray's help, Peter is able to teleport and time travel to the correct destination and time frame.

Arthur Petrelli[]

Main article: Arthur Petrelli

Arthur has used this ability to teleport to Africa, and then to go back to Pinehearst.

Arthur was also able to time travel sixteen years in the past, to the Charles Deveaux's rooftop, and was capable of sending Claire through time and space without teleporting himself.