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Charlene Andrews
Charlene Andrews
Vital statistics
Real Name Charlene Andrews
Aliases Charlie, Google
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Date of Birth April 24
Last Known Location Midland, Texas
Evolved Human Type Natural
Anomalistic Ability Panmnesia
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Gender Female
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Hair Color Blond
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Ethnicity Caucasian
Citizenship United States
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Marital Status Married
Occupation Waitress
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Charlene Andrews is an Evolved Human with the ability known as Panmnesia.

Charlene "Charlie" Andrews is a former waitress at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, TX. She is an Evolved Human with the ability known as Panmnesia, with the ability to clearly and quickly understand what she memorizes. Charlie's ambition is to take a trip around the world, during which her third stop will be Tokyo, Japan. Hiro Nakamura changed history, and instead of her dying because of a blood clot, she was healed by Sylar (with a combined usage of his Telekinesis and Intuitive Aptitude. Samuel Sullivan then had her abducted and left her in 1944. She eventually had a family and, sixty-five years later, was reunited with Hiro.

Personal History[]

Charlene's parents died when she was a child so she was raised by her aunt. She lived in Midland, Texas and worked at a diner there. Her dream was to travel the world, her third stop was to be Tokyo, Japan. She was once supposed to die because of a blood clot in her brain, however the chronokinetic, Hiro Nakamura changed history and saved her life by having Sylar destroy the blood clot. However, Samuel Sullivan had another Chronokinetic, Arnold Jasper, left her in 1944, where she eventually had a family. Sixty-five years later, she was reunited with Hiro, in a hospital where she was dying of old age.

Psychological Profile[]

Anomalistic Abilities[]

See also: Pamnesia

Charlene had an enhanced memory that began to develop about six months ago. She was easily able to retain and recall what she read. She learned minutiae, languages, and complex information quickly, and without the need for repetition. Charlie was unaware of why she had this, or even that it was a special ability — she only knew that her brain began working faster than it used to.

  • The full extent of Charlie's powers have yet to be confirmed. Some normal humans possess an eidetic memory, but Charlie states that hers only developed recently. This indicates her extraordinary memory is more likely to be an evolved human ability.
  • Charlie's abilities seem somewhat more advanced than an eidetic memory. She appears to have total understanding of the information she absorbs. For example, she not only memorized Japanese, but had a near-fluent ability to use it.


  • Charlie is fluent in both English and Japanese, thanks to her Pamnesia.