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Biokinesis, also called Somatokinesis, Genetokinesis (when that faculty is used) or Genetic/DNA/Bodily Manipulation is the mental ability to alter the DNA structure and body functions of oneself and/or others. The user can manipulate his and/or someone else’s skin color, size, weight, facial features, and the like (even to the point of healing and/or regenerating, or shifting from the appearance of one species to another). However, shapeshifting with this ability can sometimes only be done within the same mass, so one cannot use it become the size of a mouse or an elephant. Numerous superhuman faculties come from Biokinesis (variations even allow the user to move and manipulate bodily organs themselves).


A vastly powerful power when it comes to biological systems, this could be used to heal subjects of wounds/injuries, heal subjects of disease, afflict subjects with diseases, afflict subjects with broken bones, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, blood clots, joint conditions, change one species to another, even bestowing subjects with or suppressing superhuman abilities or the like (though most of this must be accomplished at the higher bands).


This ability starts off with general manipulation (changing eye/skin/hair color, affecting teeth nails, changing one's own anatomy -- like regeneration), to more intricate manipulation (healing others, "unhealing" healed wounds, human-form shapeshifting), to the most dynamic and most complex (animal-form shapeshifting, insect-form shapeshifting, changing others, inducing illness, inducing death). Obviously, power must build over time.