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Bioacoustic Disruption
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Vital statistics
Name Bioacoustic Disruption
Aliases Communication Disruption
Basics The ability to hinder the communication in others.
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Evolved Humans
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Bioacoustic Disruption is the psionic ability to disrupt the mechanisms of communication within a species. One with this ability could use psionic power to disable a foe's ability to speak or the ability to hear, thus making communication extremely difficult. This ability could be used to render a person deaf (so that he can't hear warnings or understand people who try to talk to him) or mute (so that they can still hear, but they cannot respond back to what they are being asked or told).

A stronger variation of this ability is when the user can disable the understanding of communication within species, so as to temporarily make communication impossible with whoever the ability was used on. The subject can still speak and hear; he simply can’t understand what he speaks or hears, and sometimes can’t even understand visible signs/gestures (called Communication Disruption).

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