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Astral Trapping
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Vital statistics
Name Astral Trapping
Aliases Astral Anchoring, Intangible Doom (if that faculty is used), Astral Imprisonment (sometimes)
Basics The ability to trap subjects in a astral-projective/otherwise-intangible state
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Evolved Humans
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Astral Trapping, also called Astral Anchoring or (more colloquially) Intangible Doom is the psychic ability to trap subjects in an astral-projective state. This can be used to keep ghosts from manifesting (so they remain on the astral plane), keep astral-projectors from releasing their astral self, or keep that astral self from re-entering the user’s body. As a matter of fact, one with this ability could even keep the astral self in the host’s body after sustaining normally-fatal injury (even themselves, whether capable of Astral Projection or not), and keep “phasers” (those who can turn intangible) from becoming tangible again.

  • Note: If the ability turns subjects permanently intangible, so they can’t interact with physical reality (and only the user or another with this ability can reverse the condition), it is called Intangible Doom, because if the effect is not reversed in time, it can kill the foe (he cannot touch food or drink to stay alive, and if he tries to turn back tangible, he will suffer biological backlash and turn back intangible).