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Asterokinesis, also called Astrokinesis or Cosmokinesis is the tremendously powerful superhuman ability to mentally manipulate the energy generated by stars as well as their electromagnetic, gravitational, radiation and cosmic energies (even cosmic rays). Simply put, one could manipulate energy generated by stars, dark matter, quasars, and the cosmic media in space. One with this ability could generate stellar winds, solar flares, cosmic storms and even invoke meteor showers (and could be able to manipulate the weather as well).

Known Evolved Humans[]

*Storm (Marvel comics)

The user can heal him/her by eating the stars. They can also pull stars, planets, meteorites and much more toward them (things like planets and meteorites only if it’s a heightened version.) They can pull on planets and seriously have the potential to make supernovas by colliding 2 planets, stars or the entire solar system together (Though this could kill them.)

Limits: They are certain limits such as the user must know a lot about the function of stars and many other space things in order for it to be properly grasped. Overuse can lead the user to be trapped in a limbo state of mind. A coma they may never wake up from. Too much star energy could kill others and them. If they cannot control the ability to move stars towards the earth or (if a heightened version of it) planets they could put all living things in danger. Users must have a clear mind when using it. Empathy magic could potentially lead them to weaken.