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Vital statistics
Name Asepsis
Aliases Disease/Poison Immunity
Basics The ability to be completely immune to poisons and diseases.
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Related Abilities Rapid Cellular Regeneration
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Evolved Humans
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Asepsis, also known as Disease/Poison Immunity is the inability to get sick. One with this ability can go around the sickest of people and people with the most contagious of ailments and still be unaffected by them. One with this ability could even be injected with a viral strain or a lethal poison and their immune system would fight it off nearly immediately. People with the ability Nosokinesis or Viralgenesis are helpless against people with this ability, although one may be immune to only poison or only disease, not always both. One possessing Asepsis may even be immune to a certain disease or poison instead of the broad classification of them all.

This ability is incredibly similar to Rapid Cellular Regeneration, the chief difference being that this actually supercharges your immune system, while Rapid Cellular Regeneration actually weakens it incredibly.

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