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Arboreal Physiology
Arboreal Agrophysiology
Brendan Lewis' example of Arboreal Physiology.
Vital statistics
Name Arboreal Physiology
Aliases Tree/Wood Physiology
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Root Ability Agrophysiology
Related Abilities Agrokinesis, Plant Form
Derived Abilities Photosynthesis, Rapid Cellular Regeneration (limited), Substance Secretion
Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: Brendan Lewis, Theodore van der Burg
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Arboreal Physiology also known simply as Tree/Wood Physiology can cause a possessing evolved human to gain abrasive and tough wooden (or woody-colored) skin, high pain resistance, exudation of sap from peeled bark instead of blood (sap may produce an effect), protrusion of jagged branches, Photosynthesis, or Rapid Cellular Regeneration, these are not all of the manifestations that one may be capable of gaining.

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Brendan Lewis[]

Main article: Brendan Lewis

Lewis has the ability to create vegetation from his own body. They can become separated from him or remain on his own body, and he is able to control protruding roots very accurately, as shown when he attacks members of the Company support team. His ability has apparently "mutated" according to Thompson, as previously, Lewis's body had shown signs of photosynthesis.

According to Lewis's assignment tracker, his ability has mutated on more than one occasion. Besides using photosynthesis, Lewis could initially use his ability to manipulate plants to grow faster. During the next two years, Lewis's ability developed to the point where he could manipulate medium-sized plants and roots, and tissue samples revealed he also experienced increased healing.

After at least a year later, Lewis's ability unexpectedly accelerated to the point where the Company considered him a Level 5 powered individual. His cellular structure and biological systems became more plant-like than animal, and he exhibited extreme regenerative properties. He absorbed energy from photosynthesis and exhibited complete control over any plant life in his immediate vicinity. His known weaknesses included fire and herbicide.

Theodore van der Burg[]

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