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Arboreal Form
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Vital statistics
Name Arboreal Form
Aliases Plant Form, Botanical Form
Basics The ability to assume the form of a plant.
Root Ability Alternate Forms, Shape Shifting
Related Abilities Agrokinesis, Agrophysiology, Arboreal Physiology
Derived Abilities Photosynthesis, Rapid Cellular Regeneration, Ingrain
Evolved Humans
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Arboreal Form, Plant Form or Botanical Form is the ability to take a form likened to a plant. This form may be a tree, a flower, a plant, and a bush, or sometimes even a weed. This form may be able to move like an animated plant, mimic the abilities of plants (including Photosynthesis, Rapid Cellular Regeneration, Ingrain, etc.) or even control other plants in the other immediate vicinity. The user can only mimic plants’ properties while in this form.

This ability is commonly associated and usually works in tandem with Agrophysiological Adaptations.

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