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Aqueous Form
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Vital statistics
Name Aqueous Form
Aliases Water Mimicry
Basics The ability to change the body's density into that of water
Root Ability Alternate Forms
Related Abilities Hydrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Rapid Cellular Regeneration
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Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: Victor Bahan, Elisa Blake, Donald Essex
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Synthetic Possessors: Tracy Strauss

Aqueous Form or Water Mimicry is the ability to assume a form similar to or composed of water. It is speculated that the evolved human actually only mimics the density of water, or another liquid, and can then control their body. One with this ability can even assimilate his composition to other water and manipulate the water to expand his or her size, or he could move in this form through liquid mediums, sometimes even assuming the various states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma). The form that one assumes could be that of either fresh or saltwater, what actually determines this is unknown.

Further Study[]

Ability Mechanics[]

The process by which they transform into water is often instinctual and is used as an instant defense mechanism, transforming into water when attacked, and then reverting back to their normal state immediately after.

Electrical Vulnerability[]

This form is usually highly vulnerable to electrical attack.

Regenerative Abilities[]

Those who are capable of assuming an Aqueous Form have a degree of regenerative abilities, at least while they are in their liquid forms. This can be derived from the fact that when they revert to their normal forms they often leave behind a trace amount of liquid, though they never have any signs of injury in this form. This is further supported by the fact that many with this ability are able to propel parts of their watery form at a target, dealing damage from the highly pressurized projection of water. The water that they expel is often never returned to their bodies, though their bodies still remain intact. However, in contradiction to this, it is theorized that if enough of them is separated from the majority of their liquid states that they will have some sort of physical damage when reverting to their normal states. Though, by assimilating with outside sources of water, this could be possibly overcome.

Cryokinetic Connection[]

One with this ability could even use this form to become invisible while underwater (called Aqueous Invisibility). This ability is supposedly related to that of Cryokinesis, since the evolved human Tracy Strauss has been able to assume an Aqueous Form, both in its solid and liquid states.

Social Possibilities[]

Psychological Effects[]



Victor Bahan[]

Main article: Victor Bahan

The "liquid man," Victor Bahan, was able to use his ability to turn his body partially into water and direct it to douse the agents assigned to capture him. His body was then able to completely reform after performing this action. However, after regrouping, the agent Maarten, who holds the power of Pyrokinesis, was able to use his power to overcome and corner the man in a railway car.

Elisa Blake[]

Main article: Elisa Blake

So far, Elisa has only demonstrated the ability to completely transmute her entire body into water and back again. She is also capable of reforming completely after flowing herself through a shower head, and even after leaving small drops of herself behind. She is capable of carrying her physical objects, such as necklace, syringe, and clothing with her when in her water form.

Donald Essex[]

Main article: Donald Essex

Donald has shown that he is able to transform his chest and arms into water. When he transforms his arms into water, he can generate more water from his arms and fire them at people. After he was subdued by Nathan's agent, his entire body begins dissolving into water, which is eventually dumped into the Mississippi River. According to one of the agents that took him down, Donald transforms himself into saltwater.