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Apathy, also called Empathy/Empathic/Emotion Immunity or Belle Indifference is the absence of emotion. One with this "ability" could not be affected by emotion-inducing abilities (love, fear, pain-inducing abilities, etc.) and is immune to every variation of Empathy. It would also be easier to make decisions, face opponents others wouldn't and do things normal people would be far too afraid or embarrassed to do. The user thinks purely with logic, so they tend to be fairly intelligent as well. Variations of this ability include Fearlessness (absence of irrational fear; immunity to Psychic Intimidation) and Heartlessness (absence of sympathy or compassion).

• One variation of this ability, called Emotion Suppression may simply entail the ability to subliminally suppress one’s own emotions, instead of being entirely devoid of them, so that one can live a normal life, but will lose the desired emotions as required.

  • Note: If the names Empathy Immunity, Empathic Immunity, Emotion Immunity or Belle Indifference are used instead of Apathy, this could imply that the user does actually still have emotion, but is simply immune to psychic emotion-tampering like Pathokinesis, Psychic Intimidation, etc.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • No known evolved humans display this ability.