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Antimatter Manipulation is the ability to psychically generate and manipulate antimatter. One with this ability can convert matter into antimatter, and vice versa. This ability could even be used to keep matter from reacting to antimatter, or speed up the reaction, thus causing both the matter to cancel each other out, or preventing it from doing so. This ability works the same as Psychokinesis or Molecular Manipulation, except with antimatter. This ability is very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • No known evolved humans display this ability.



It takes an immense amount of concentration to keep control the antimatter and prevent it from detonatin. The greater the distance to and mass of the antimatter, the more concentration it takes to control it. Above all, the user must always remember that if he or she loses control, the antimatter will explode, and the user is likely to die.