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Animal Mimicry
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Vital statistics
Name Animal Mimicry
Aliases Animal Attribute
Basics The ability to imitate abilities and traits of animals.
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Related Abilities Animal Form, Zoophysiology, Genetic Absorption, Zoopathy
Derived Abilities Various, depending on the animal.
Evolved Humans
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Animal Mimicry or Animal Attribute is the ability to imitate the powers and traits of animals. One with this ability could access the proportional strength of an ant, the speed of a cheetah, the flight abilities of a bird, the sonar abilities of a bat, and the like. One with this ability may or may not exhibit the habits and physical features of animals they are mimicking at the time. This ability could possibly be accompanied by Animal Communication, Specific Shapeshifting and/or Genetic Absorption.

Further Study[]

Ability Mechanics[]

Contact Mimicry[]

One way this this ability works is when the one with this ability needs only come into contact with an animal once, allowing them to access their powers based on their empathic or genetic connection with the animal itself.

Learned Mimicry[]

Another much more powerful version, yet far more rare of this ability allows one to merely learn of the capabilities of the animal that they wish to mimic, by learning of it they are capable of possessing the skills of such animal.

Specific Mimicry[]

The final form of this ability, and most common version is that an evolved human be able to mimic the abilities of only a specific animal or grouping of animal.

Animal Attribute[]

A faculty of this ability (called Animal Attribute or Animal Adaptation) allows the user to also mimic animal’s physical features and adaptations; a bird’s wings, a lizard’s scales, a bear’s fur, a lion’s fangs and claws, etc. But not total shape-shifting. This assists in camouflage, defense or just survival in a strange environment, this is not automatic like Reactive Adaptation; the user must consciously take on these attributes.

Social Possibilities[]

Psychological Effects[]

Animal Instincts[]