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Animal Form
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Vital statistics
Name Animal Form
Aliases Creature Form, Animal Shapeshifting
Basics The ability to assume the form of an animal.
Root Ability Alternate Forms, Shape Shifting
Related Abilities Animal Mimicry, Zoophysiology
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Evolved Humans
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Animal Form, also called Creature Form or Animal Shapeshifting is the ability to assume the form of an animal(s). This transformation may even allow shape-shifting into a dinosaur, a mythical creature or alien creatures (but only to that form/those forms and back to normal). This transformation usually allows one to communicate with the species that one has transformed into.

In powerful evolved humans possessing this ability that are capable of assuming a form that is likened like a dragon, for example, they may be able to breathe fire and fly via their wings. Possibilities are endless when it comes to genetics, so the combination of other anomalistic abilities that one may possess while occupying their alternate form are diverse.

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