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Anatomical Recall
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Vital statistics
Name Anatomical Recall
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Basics The ability to recall your body parts after them being severed.
Root Ability Anatomical Automatism, Self Detonation
Related Abilities Rapid Cellular Regeneration
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Evolved Humans
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Anatomical Recall is the ability to psychically "re-collect" one's body parts after said parts have been dismembered or removed from the body. This ability can be used even after such a powerful dismemberment as a nuclear explosion, as long as the pieces of the body are capable of responding to the mind's psychic signal (and not confined in a jar or such a device). This ability makes dismemberment impossible, as the body can simply pull itself back together.

This power is most common with detonators. Evolved Humans with the ability of Anatomical Automatism also possess this ability as an automatic function of their own ability, however not to the extent of this one.

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