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Anatomical Intuition
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Vital statistics
Name Anatomical Intuition
Aliases Bodily Intuition, Intuitive Diagnosis
Basics The ability to intuitively know the names and functions of all body parts and organs.
Root Ability Intuitive Aptitude
Related Abilities Fault Detection, Vitakinesis
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Evolved Humans
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Anatomical Intuition, also known as Bodily Intuition and Intuitive Diagnosis (when that faculty is used) is the knowledge of the names and functions of every part in the body. One with this ability can detect the physical limits and weaknesses of every body part and body system. One with this ability can also intuitively detect anatomical anomalies and assess them to diagnose biological issues, such as disease, internal bleeding, and even cancerous cells. This can be used in both humans and animals, in a similar way to Fault Detection.

Those Evolved Humans that possess Healing, Biokinesis or Vitakinesis often also possess this ability, the two generally work in tandem.

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