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Anatomical Automatism
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Vital statistics
Name Anatomical Automatism
Aliases Anatomical Separation
Basics The ability to separate body parts and move them remotely.
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Related Abilities Rapid Cellular Regeneration, Anatomical Intuition
Derived Abilities Anatomical Recall
Evolved Humans
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Anatomical Automatism, also called Anatomical Separation or Separated Automatism is the ability to psychically control one’s body parts. This can allow the user to detach body parts at will and reattach lost body parts. One with this ability can even allow his body parts to move after detachment, and command them as though they were separate entities. Sometimes one with this ability can even substitute his own body parts for those of others.

Further Study[]

Ability Mechanics[]

Movement of Separated Limbs[]

Body parts operated by Anatomical Automatism can only do actions capable of being done by said organs. Fingers inch along like inchworms, hands crawl on their fingers and arms and legs hop along, and heads roll (blood slithers, organs hop, bones roll and jump, etc). All of are of average strength or of proportional strength to that of the user.

Body after Separation[]

The user’s mind sheathes the body parts in psychic energy, so stumps of detached limbs or membranes of detached organs don’t become infected (and are often rendered resistant to pain). The user’s mind can usually also easily multitask between mentally/vocally directing any number of detached organs.

Connection to Rapid Cellular Regeneration[]

This ability seems to be related to Rapid Cellular Regeneration, since the body parts are capable of reattaching and leaving the user unharmed from the separation.

Social Possibilities[]

If one could learn exactly how the separation and reattaching process of one with this ability functions, this knowledge can be used to reattach the severed limbs of those that have lost them.

Psychological Effects[]