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Alternate Reality
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Vital statistics
Name Alternate Reality
Basics The ability to create a mental alternate reality of sorts and bring others within it.
Root Ability Telepathy (sometimes)
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Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: Maury Parkman (Telepathy), Matthew Parkman (Telepathy)
Duplicated Possessors: Peter Petrelli (Telepathy)
Stolen Possessors: Arthur Petrelli (Telepathy)
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Alternate Reality is the presence (or generation) of an alternate universe/reality (or realities in some cases) inside one's mind, along with the ability interact with these realities (which take up different frequencies of the mind); this mindscape is manipulated to the user's desires, if it is within their own mind. Or is shaped by the subconscious of those that are trapped within the world, inside another mind. The chief aspect of this ability is that one possessing this ability is capable of pulling others into it, trapping them there.

Further Study[]

Ability Mechanics[]

If the person has physical contact with someone else before entering the alternate reality, they can bring another consciousness to the alternate reality as well. If a passenger were left within the alternate reality, their consciousness would be trapped there, thinking that the user's mind was reality (until retrieved by the creator).

All those that are left imprisoned have their bodies left in a catatonic state, leaving them completely vulnerable to outside influence.

The nature of the Alternate Reality depends completely on the individual evolved human. For some, as mentioned above, they could completely manipulate the world or it may be programmed depending on their usage for the ability. If they were trying to imprison an enemy, then it may be whatever their enemy or imprisoner could imagine as the worst world. And the exact opposite for someone who they were trying to hold, instead of wishing anything harmful on them.

The subject is not directly changed by the user's imagination.


In an astral world where one is trapped there is a "backdoor" that one can escape through. However, it is only accessible if the person is a telepath themselves, of if they are accompanied by a telepath who has either entered their mind or was brought there as well (or the user himself is also present).

Passage of Time[]

Time is often distorted within the mental containment, feeling like it's either passing much slower than in reality or much faster than in reality.

Psychosomatic Wounds[]

Social Possibilities[]

The uses of this ability go beyond the use for a prison; as he can enter the alternate reality as well (requiring he be in a trance to do so), this alternate reality can also be a pleasant wonderland that can be bent to the user's will (to suit his fancy); as the user (and/or whoever he wanted to bring) would go into a trance , everything feels real, so his fantasies, or those of friends or loved ones can be "realized" in the mindscape, which can help the user unwind or meditate peacefully or the like.

Psychological Effects[]

For those that are trapped, their can be a multitude of psychological effects depending on the type of alternate reality. If one is trapped in complete solitude then they may begin to go insane. Or if they are brough to a wonderland with another, these two may grow incredibly close (or come to hate and despise each other, if trapped in a desert island type setting, etc.).


Numerous frequencies can be generated (or may be already present) so the user may be able to alternate between numerous mindscapes (one a wonderland, one a prison, and perhaps even one a video game or the like)


Maury Parkman[]

Main article: Maury Parkman

He is able to trap people in nightmarish visions that can fool the senses, such as he did with Molly Walker, Matthew Parkman, and Nathan Petrelli. In order to put an individual into a nightmare, Maury first has to find a nightmare from the individual.

Matthew Parkman[]

Main article: Matthew Parkman

Matt uses telepathy to trap Sylar in a nightmare where he's completely alone with no powers. In this nightmare, one hour in the real world equals a year in Sylar's mind and anyone who enters, such as Peter Petrelli who ended up trapped too. In this version of Astral Imprisonment, the "backdoor" was found, and because of Peter's replicated telepathy, the two were able to remove themselves from the prison.

Peter Petrelli[]

Main article: Peter Petrelli

Peter's only usage of this ability was to remove himself and Sylar from the prison that Matthew Parkman constructed inside Sylar's mind. He was unable to forcibly remove them upon his initial arrival, though after years of trying to break through the "backdoor" (a giant brick wall) they were able to break free. This was only possible because Peter himself possessed telepathic abilities at the time.

Arthur Petrelli[]

Main article: Arthur Petrelli

Arthur was able to imprison Angela Petrelli in an unresponsive trance, disguise himself as [[Daphne Millbrook within Angela's dream to trick Matt, and inflict a psychosomatic stab wound upon Matt from inside Angela's dream. He can also enter the minds of others that are not close to him.