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An Alternate Form, also known as Transformation or Morphing is the biological ability to assume the form of an object or creature whenever the user desires, it is an aspect of Shape Shifting but does not allow the general selection of the assumed form that general shape shifting allows. A person who possesses an alternate form for their actual ability is classified as a limited shape shifter for all intended purposes. Of course, the user gains the abilities inherent in that form (such as breathing fire and flying if you became a dragon), but after the user chooses this form, only rarely can the choice be taken back. The user can only "shapeshift" to that form and back to normal (or in some cases, may be born in that form, or retain that form after the first time it is assumed). It is also possible other forms could be assumed, meaning that the evolved human possesses multiple alternate forms.

Alternate Form Examples[]


  • Constellation Form
  • Cytoplasmic Form
  • Mucilaginous Form
  • Swarm Form

Therianthropic Forms[]

Main article: Therianthropic Shape Shifting

The ability to transform in a human-animal hybrid form.

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