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Alchemical Transmutation
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Vital statistics
Name Alchemical Transmutation
Aliases Alchemy, Transmutation, Transmogrification
Basics The ability to transform substances into different substance via atomic manipulation
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Related Abilities Molecular Transmutation, Atomic Transmutation
Derived Abilities Midakinesis
Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: Robert Bishop (Midakinesis)
Duplicated Possessors: Gabriel Gray (Midakinesis)
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Alchemical Transmutation or Alchemy, Transmutation, or Transmogrification is the psychic ability to transmute one substance into another substance.

Further Study[]

Ability Mechanics[]

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Psychological Effects[]

Subsidiary Abilities[]

Molecular Transmutation[]

Main article: Molecular Transmutation

The first version of this ability is Molecular Transmutation or Molecular Transmogrification, in which one rearranges the molecules of objects, transforming them into something that it is already similar to, such as water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Atomic Transmutation[]

Main article: Atomic Transmutation

The second version is called Atomic Transmutation or Atomic Transmogrification, in which one rearranges the atoms of objects to turn a substance into another substance entirely, such as turning lead to gold or water to diamond.

Main article: Midakinesis

Midakinesis (a.k.a. Chrysopoeia and Aurification, the “Golden Touch” or (most famously) the “Midas Touch) is the superhuman ability to transmute non-gold matter (often metals) into gold, by touch. While little is known about this ability, it seems only capable of rearranging the molecules of matter to the molecular template default: gold. However, sometimes, with enough practice, one’s repertoire may extend from just turning metals to gold to also affecting other materials (even perhaps biotic or organic materials).



Molecular Transmutation[]

Atomic Transmutation[]