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Agrophysiology, also called Plant Physiology or Botanical Anatomy is the presence of plant-like features within a evolved human's anatomy. One with this ability does not necessarily create seeds or need sunlight (or have green skin); they simply possess features similar to a plant or tree (or they can grow them). This ability is usually accompanied by the ability Plant Form (see Alternate Forms), and the ability to release pollen and seeds, and they may or may not be affected by Agrokinesis. The evolved human looks human except for these physiological differences, unless their evolution has grown to the point of non-human resemblance. The user can only have one of these designated physiological changes.

Those with an Agrophysiology often have resistances to toxins and poisons that are created or derived from plant substances.

Being part plant, those Evolved Humans possessing an Agrophysiology are more vulnerable to flames and gain a vulnerability to herbicides and other plant killing substances.

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