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Vital statistics
Name Agnosia
Aliases Amnesia
Basics The ability to selectively forget memories.
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Related Abilities Memory Erasure, Panmnesia, Eidetic Memory, Rapid Cellular Regeneration
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Evolved Humans
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Agnosia or Amnesia is the ability to selectively forget any information desired, by sheer force of will. One with this ability could start all over as they would have no recollection of any past wrongs, stresses or other unpleasant occurrences. This ability also allows the user to avoid telepathic gathering of information, as it allows the possessor of the ability to erase valuable knowledge as well. A

Either the user subliminally stores it in the deepest recesses of his memory, which is why they cannot recollect the memory or the user’s mind literally deletes or puts out that information. If Agnosia works the former way, then a very skilled telepath may be able to probe every avenue of the possessors mind to find the information needed.

The ability of Rapid Cellular Regeneration may replicate part of this ability as in blocking out painful and traumatic experiences to the mind.