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Age Shifting is the ability to shift one's age into that of another. This may seem like the ability to manipulate time, but it only targets time fields around biotic matter (and only around the user). With this, one could age shift himself into an older version of himself (called Maturation, Obsolescence or Age Progression if he can only do this) or a younger version (called Infantilization, Rejuvenescence or Age Reversion if he can only do this). While age shifted, the user gains the characteristics of that age group, so they could realistically act like the age group to which they have shifted. In addition, he retains mental capacity even while he is age-shifted.

One could even age a desired subject to be too young or too old to be able to defend themselves (called Age Manipulation); a variation of that aspect of this ability often comes at the cost of the evolved human becoming older when making another person younger, or becoming younger when making another person older (called Age Transferal). This makes it possible for a person to effect anything with their ability, causing common items to age, while becoming younger themselves. Often, the drawback to the Age Transferal portion of Age Shifting often comes with an increased aging rate.

The strength of the varying ages is questioned, depending on the actual age of the person possessing this ability, to they maintain, gain, or lose strength and vitality depending on the age that they assume. For example; if a young adult had this ability and then shifted to an age of eighty, would their bodies become more frail or would they maintain their youthful strength? This often varies for each user (some retain all stats, like knowledge, strength, vitality of their true age, while others do not).

One question that is raised by this ability, is its healing/regenerative properties. The only Evolved Human to display this ability had a large cut on his forehead and it remained as he shifted his age, so it supposedly does not heal as his age changes. However, this is not set in stone for every user, either.

But when this same concept is applied to diseases that are incredibly unlikely for a young person to get, such as Alzheimer's Disease. If he were to get this at an old age, would it alleviate when he shifted to a younger age. Presumably no, but further research into this ability is required.

The final and most perplexing question raised by this ability is that of death by aging. If this ability actually changes the physical age of the body of the user, then they would presumably be able to maintain an age that was youthful and far from death. This does not apply to the Age Transferal aspect of the ability, as it is definitely possible for them to maintain a young age by transferring their own age to other objects or people.

This faculty would include the manipulation of the biological processes that concern body decay with aging, this makes the ability related to Rapid Cellular Regeneration.

Known Evolved Humans[]

  • Russian Man naturally possesses this ability.
  • Leona Mills naturally possesses this ability.


The question of self-sustaining and self-deciding immortality is what makes this ability potentially incredibly interesting.


Russian Man[]

The Russian's ability to change his own age allowed him to change his age from that of an old man to that of a young man. He seemed to be able to utilize the skills he had as a young man, such as strength and knife handling. He was also capable of shifting his age to that of a young boy.

While shifting ages, the Russian cannot change genders, as it is noted that his crime "family" is made up of all men. In fact, everything about him appears the same except his age. For instance, while appearing as a young man, the Russian had a large cut on his forehead. The same cut remained, even after shifting to the age of a young boy.

Leona Mills[]

Leona Mills has shown she is capable of reverting herself from a rotting death-like state to normal by absorbing the life force from a wooden chair. Leona ages faster than normal, transforming over several hours from appearing as a young woman to middle-aged with deepening lines on her face.

The aged bodies Rachel found after a battle at the circus suggest that she can also apply her ability to living things. Leona has also shown she can reverse her ability to transfer life-force into other people or things.