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Vital statistics
Name Aerokinesis
Aliases Anemokinesis, Zephyrkinesis, Air Manipulation spirarekinesis
Basics The ability to manipulate air currents and molecules.
Root Ability Atmokinesis
Related Abilities Aerogenesis
Derived Abilities Flight, Sonokinesis
Evolved Humans
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Aerokinesis, Zephyrkinesis, or Anemokinesis is the ability to mentally affect or move air or wind currents. With this ability, one can easily resist wind pressure, move air particles to create vacuums to suffocate foes, or send wind at foes as gale-force currents. One with this ability could even travel on air currents via Flight or walking.

A supposed aspect of this ability would concern sound waves, since they travel on air currents. An adept Aerokinetic could cause them to travel allowing them to hear things from a distance, or they could completely halt the movement of air and stop all sounds.

Another faculty of this ability may be the potential for Aerogenesis in which one can generate breathable air or the constituents of air.

A common ability that often encompasses Aerokinesis is Atmokinesis, since one can control weather, and the wind is heavily associated with weather phenomena.

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The only speculated limitations of this ability would be the inability to generate air, or other gases, to manipulate, unless one also possesses the ability of Aerogenesis.