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Aerial Adaptations
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Vital statistics
Name Aerial Adaptations
Aliases Flight Adaptation
Basics Allows a Flyer to withstand the negative aspects of flight.
Root Ability Flight
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Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: West Rosen, Angie Black, Aiden Smithson
Duplicated Possessors: Peter Petrelli, Gabriel Gray
Stolen Possessors: Arthur Petrelli
Synthetic Possessors: Nathan Petrelli

Aerial Adaptation or Flight Adaptation allows the user to withstand extreme wind pressures (so one isn't disoriented or deprived of normal breathing capacity by them) along with immunity to vertigo; this ability is innate for fliers (so it is counted along with Flight as an ability). Aerial Adaptations also allow a flier perceive their surroundings when flying at incredible speeds, allow them to survive the pressurized winds, heat created by supersonic flight, ability to breathe in low-oxygen levels of the atmosphere.

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The actual limits of this a specific ability are unknown, however it gives the flier an incredibly enhanced level of durability, from temperature extremes, and perhaps other low-oxygen environments other than high-altitude.

This ability would also explain how Nathan Petrelli managed to survive Peter Petrelli's nuclear explosion, if this is the reason than the Aerial Adaptation ability may be one for further study.