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Advancing Evolution is the encyclopedia of information regarded Evolved Humans, Anomalistic Abilities, and any subjects that may concern either. The purpose of this wiki is for several scientists to gather and discuss their theories and findings regarding the superhuman qualities of these people.(which is a lie because all this data is from the TV show "Heroes")

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Claire Bennet

Claire Bennet
Claire Bennet is an Evolved Human with the ability of Rapid Cellular Regeneration. She discovered her abilities while in high school, and became involved in various events concerning Evolved Humans. She was adopted by a member of The Company, Noah Bennet, and because of such has been introduced to danger on several occassions. She is responsible for the most public display of anomalistic abilities, that has revealed Evolved Humans to the world.

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Lunimiahom: Remove permanently Ability Absorption is the ability to physically take away another evolved human's abilities through tactile contact. This means that the absorber will gain the ability...

Shanti Virus - - 2018/03/24 16:06 I added a basic description of the Shanti Virus and a little information on its first victim. The Shanti Virus is a life-threatening disease wich attacks the nervous system. In doing so...

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